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===Scandinavian Immigration to the United States===
[[File: Sloop_1925.jpg|300px|thumbnail|rightleft|1925 American Stamp Celebrating 100 Years of Norwegian-American Culture]]
Although there were a small number of Swedes living in America at the time of the Revolution, Scandinavian immigration to the United States did not happen in any substantial numbers until the 1830s, which was accompanied by large numbers of immigrants from the German speaking kingdoms as well as Ireland. Historians generally see the 1825 voyage of the sloop Restauration from Stavanger, Norway to the United States as the beginning of the great wave of Scandinavian immigration, even though the ship only carried about fifty immigrants. <ref> Semmingsen, Ingrid. <i>Norway to America: A History of the Migration.</i> Translated by Einar Haugen. (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1978), p. 10</ref> Once the immigrants from the Restauration safely made it to the United States and wrote back home to tell their families about all the fertile farmland in America, ships began leaving the major ports of Scandinavia regularly filled with emigrants.

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