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The Bronze Age Economy and Trade Top Ten Booklist

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==International Trade==
10. Cline, Eric H. 1994. '''''[ Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: International Trade and the Late Bronze Age]''''' Aegean BAR International Series 591. Oxford: Tempus Reparatum.
The Late Bronze Age (c. 1500-1200 BC) was a period of international trade relations between the Mediterranean world and the Near East. The trade connected and saw the exchange of goods from Central Asia to the middle Mediterranean. The nexus of this trade was the Levantine coast where ships moved luxury goods such as ivory, perfumes, copper, tine, bronzes, glass, precious stones, wine, oils, and other objects. The Uluburun shipwreck is an example of the types of ships and contained the types of cargo exemplary of this trade.

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