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Civil War Battles Top Ten Booklist

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<b>The Battle of Gettysburg</b> - It is impossible to pick just one book on the Battle of Gettysburg. While there has been a longstanding debate over which battle was more important during the war - Antietam or Gettysburg, Gettysburg has become part of the American consciousness. Not only did it end the Confederacy's advance into the North, it gave birth to the most famous speech in American history. Each of these books attempts to answer different questions about Gettysburg.
Harry Pfanz book <i>[ Gettysburg: The Second Day]</i>(UNC Press) focuses solely on the second day of the battle, while Stephen Sears takes a much more expansive look at the entire in battle <i>[ Gettysburg]</i>(Mariner Books).
Carol Reardon's book <i>[ Pickett’s Charge in History and Memory] </i> (UNC Press) takes an entirely different approach by focusing on perhaps the most important charge in United States history. She explains why Pickett's Charge has been elevated to the status of an American myth and attempts to put the charge back into its proper historical place.
[[File:The_Civil_War_at_Sea.jpg|thumbnail|left|200px|<i>The Civil War at Sea</i>]]
Finally, Mark Grimsley and Brooks D. Simpson's <i>[ Gettysburg: A Battle Guide]</i> (Bison Books) is the battle guide on Gettysburg. The authors help the reader make sense of confusing and complicated battlefield better than any other book. This book essential if you plan on visiting [ The Gettysburg National Military Park].
<i>[ The Civil War at Sea]</i>, (Oxford University Press) Craig Symonds - While not technically a Civil War battle book, <i>The Civil War at Sea</i> demonstrates how important the Union naval campaigns were to their victory. The book is broken up into sections covering the Union blockade of Confederate ports, the sieges of Charleston and Wilmington and the role of privateers during the war. Symonds does a fantastic job bringing a neglected aspect of the Civil War to the forefront.
<i>[ Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle]</i>, (University of Kentucky Press) Kenneth W. Noe (University of Kentucky Press)- The Battle of Perryville represents the high water point of the Confederacy's western campaign. Perryville was a Confederate victory, but it failed to achieve the South's strategic goal; bring Kentucky into the Confederate fold. Noe not only gives a detailed description of the battle, but he also describes the lives of the soldiers both during the western campaign and after the war.
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