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How Did the Mycenaeans Influence Classical Greece

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===Background of the Mycenaeans===
[[File: Mycenaean_World.jpgpng|300px|thumbnail|left| Map of Mycenaean Culture]]
Modern archaeologists and philologists have been able to identify the cultural and linguistic origins of the Mycenaeans as Indo-Europeans, similar to their contemporaries the Hittites and the ancient ancestors of most modern Europeans. The ancestors of the Mycenaeans split off from the Indo-European homeland north of the Caucasus Mountains and began a long trek west and southward until they entered Greece around 2,200 BC. Once in Greece, they quickly established their martial reputation by attacking, pillaging, and displacing other peoples’ settlements as they moved further south. <ref> Samuel, Alan E. <i>The Mycenaeans in History.</i> (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1966), p. 37</ref>

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