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How Did Ancient Societies Adapt to Dairy Consumption?

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We take for granted today that dairy consumption is something that is typical or even natural to human diet. However, that is not the case, as it contains lactose, a complex carbohydrate that is not digestible in most adult mammals.<ref> For lactose ingestion in mammals, see: Sahi, T. 1994. “Hypolactasia and Lactase Persistence Historical Review and the Terminology.” ''Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology'' 29 (s202): 1–6. dos:10.3109/00365529409091739. </ref> In other words, the vast majority of human beings, at one point, were physically unable to consume dairy products after their childhood; in fact, we see today a large percentage of people still unable to consume milk or dairy products in adulthood. This leads to the question on how did human societies become or evolve to the point where dairy consumption became prevalent?

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