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How Did the Libyans Impact Ancient Egypt

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===The Libyans and Egypt’s Third Intermediate Period===
[[File: Third_Intermediate_Period.jpgpng|300px|thumbnail|left|Map Detailing the Political Fragmentation of Egypt during the Libyan Dominated Third Intermediate Period]]
The Libyan migrations and invasions were one of the major reasons for the collapse of Egypt’s New Kingdom. The native Egyptians lost control over the Delta and most of Lower (northern) Egypt, but held onto power around the city of Thebes in the south. The Libyans eventually came to dominate the Delta region so much that they established their own regional dynasties throughout much of Egypt outside of Thebes: The Twenty-Second, Twenty-Third, and Twenty-Fourth Dynasties were all descended from Libyan tribes, namely the Meshwesh/Ma, and were connected to each other culturally. Unlike earlier periods in Egyptian history where one dynasty would rule the entire land, the Libyan dynasties often ruled only portions of the country simultaneously. It was truly a period of political fragmentation in ancient Egypt. <ref> Kuhrt, Amélie. <i>The Ancient Near East: c. 3000-330 BC.</i> (London: Routledge, 2010), p. 623</ref>

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