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==== Military Record====
The popular view of Tiberius as a gloomy tyrant who was depraved in his personal life has obscured the fact that he was a very successful military commander. As a young man, he was entrusted by Augustus to deal with the Eastern frontier. Tiberius was able by simply displaying his legions and diplomatic negotiations to deter the Parthians from attacking Armenia in 20 BC. He was so successful that he could make Armenia once more a client kingdom of Rome and secure legionary eagles that had been captured by the Parthians when they had defeated Roman invasions.<ref>Shotter, p 113</ref> Tiberius along with his brother Drusus campaigned in Germany and on the Rhine. He won several notable victories over the local tribes. Rhaetia was a mountainous region in modern Switzerland and South German, the local mountain tribes were fierce fighters and notorious bandits. Tiberius launched a counter attack against the Rhaetians and was so successful that he turned the region into a province of Rome. Next Tiberius was ordered by Augustus to deal with Pannonia, which is today in western Austria. The legions under Tiberius conquered Pannonia.<ref> Suetonius, iv</ref>
The German Marcomanni confederation had established a strong kingdom in modern Bohemia. Tiberius and another Roman general launched a two-pronged attack that devastated the Marcomanni. In 6 AD Tiberius was called away from the Danube to prevent a German breakthrough after the Roman defeat at Teutoberg Forest. He accomplished this mission and was then called back to the Danube frontier. The Great Illyrian Revolt of 6-9 AD, saw all the tribes in the western Balkans rise in rebellion.<ref> Suetonius, The Twelve Caesars, v</ref> This was one of the greatest revolts against Rome in the history of the Empire and the rebels could muster an army of 100,000 men. Tiberius and his nephew Germanicus eventually suppressed the rebellion, which earned them both the gratitude of Augustus and Rome. Tiberius was a great commander and his accomplishments have been neglected by historians.<ref> Seager, Robin. <i>Tiberius</i> (London, Blackwell Publishing, 2005), p 78 </ref> He annexed two new provinces, established a frontier on the Danube that was not penetrated by invaders for almost two centuries. Tiberius greatest military achievement was his role in the suppression of the Great Illyrian Revolt.

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