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How important was Lucullus in the history of Rome

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==Lucullus and the arts==
The party of Pompey saw Lucullus as a threat and excluded him from public life and he ‘“fell back on a life of ease and luxury’’ <ref>Plutarch, 36-37. 3</ref>. The former consul devoted himself to the cultivation of the arts and a life of luxuryfollowed his passions. He was a devotee of Latin and Greek literature and he amassed a great library in his villa. He allowed scholars to use his library and he patronized many poets and philosophers and this was imitated by other aristocratic Romans. Lucullus was a great builder and he built great magnificent parks and villas, whose designs were very influential. Lucullus during During his campaigns in the East , the retired consul was much impressed by the Persian tradition of horticulture. With his vast wealth he built a great park in the center of Rome, that became known as the ‘Gardens of Lucullus’ <ref>Keaveney, Arthur: Lucullus. A Life (London/New York: Routledge, 1992), p 119</ref>. His gardens was very important in the development of gardening in Europe. The Roman aristocrat was also interested in farming and introduced fruits such as the cherry into Rome and also experimented with aquaculture, especially fish ponds. Lucullus was also renowned famous or infamous for his feasts and was a great gourmet. So famous renowned was Lucullus for his love of food that he inspired the development of the English adjective Lucullan meaning excessive lover of food <ref> Keavney, p 201 </ref>. The victor of Tigrancertta was to influence the development of aristocratic culture in Rome. He inspired many members of the elite to abandon the traditional austere Republican lifestyle and to cultivate the arts. Lucullus example encouraged many other Roman aristocrats to collect manuscripts, build villas and gardens. Lucullus patronage of the arts was very influential in the development of art and culture in Imperial Rome, especially during the Imperial period.
[[File: LUC FOUR.jpg |200px|thumb| Reimagining of the Gardens of Lucullus]]

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