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Why was Julius Caesar assassinated

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[[File: Ass 1.jpg|300px|thumb|left| 19th-century painting of the conspirators celebrating the death of Caesar]]
Julius Caesar was at the pinnacle of his power when he was murdered killed by an organized group of Roman senators who sought to preserve the Roman Republic and end his reign. At this point in his life, Caesar had become one of the best known and prominent figures of the ancient world. He had taken control of Rome not just through his military might, but with charisma and political savvy. During his reign, Caesar greatly expanded the Roman Republic, and his conquests changed the future of Europe. But he also was quickly dissolving the Roman Republic and creating what would become the Imperial system. However, Caesar's actions to marginalize the Republic and seize sole control of Rome angered many Romans including men he not only knew but considered friends. On the Ides of March, Caesar was stabbed to death by these men who wanted to preserve the Roman Republic.
Why was Caesar murdered at the hands of his fellow citizens? Caesar was killed for three reasons: First, the conspirators wanted to halt the growth in his power. Second, they tried to prevent him from becoming king and destroying the Roman Republic. Finally, some were motivated by basic of human emotions - personal vengeance. The assassination of Julius Caesar ultimately started a civil war that ended with the destruction of the Roman republic.

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