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Were the Knights of the Round Table real figures

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[[File: Knights 1.jpg|200px300px|thumb|left|A 19th century painting of the knights leaving Camelot]]__NOTOC__
King Arthur's heroic adventures, his castle at Camelot and his magical sword Excalibur are very well-known and they have even entered popular culture. The Arthurian legends and stories have inspired countless books, play, tv series and of course movies. One of the most fascinating stories in the Arthurian cycle of legends are those on the adventures of the Knights of the Round Table. They are among the best-known characters in the Arthurian cycle of stories, including memorable figures as Lancelot, Gawain, and Perceval. The knights who gathered around the circular table are regarded as the paragons of knightly virtue.
They inspired many nobles during the Middle Ages to abide by the code of chivalry. However, did the Knights of the Round Table exist and are they based on historical figures. This article examines if the fabled knights have some basis in fact. It argues that the story of the Round Table probably has no real basis in fact, but that the chivalrous warriors were likely based on stories of elite fighters who fought for early medieval warlords and possible some historical figures whose memory survived in folklore.
====The Arthurian Legend====

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