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Were the Knights of the Round Table real figures

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The Knights of the Round Table
====The Knights of the Round Table====
[[File: Knights Three.jpg|200px300px|thumb|left|A medieval depiction of the Round Table]]
The Round Table was according to the sources a large circular table and was so big that up to 150 knights could be seated at it. The table was round, unlike the typical rectangular version because there was to be no knight who sat at the head of the table. It was a symbol of equality and represented the fellowship of all the knights. According to the Arthurian cycle, the table was a gift to Arthur and his Queen Guinevere from her father, who was also a monarch.<ref> Sutcliff, Rosemary. The sword and the circle: King Arthur and the knights of the round table (London, Random House, 2013), p 167</ref> There were 100 knights in attendance on Arthur but there was room at the table for up to fifty more.
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