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How accurate is the movie The Favourite

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The movie is set in the last years of the War of the Spanish Succession (1700-1715). This was a great struggle between France and Britain and their respective allies. In a series of victories, the Duke of Marlborough, a military genius, defeated the armies of the French. This war was to prove to be a key turning point in the history of Europe. As it marked the end of French expansion under Louis IV and the rise of the British Empire. <ref>Coward, Barry. <i>The Stuart Age: England, 1603-1714</i> (London, Routledge, 2014), p. 287</ref>
Despite the victories, the war was not popular in Britain, because it led to high taxes. There was a great deal of factionalism in the country and it was divided into political lines. The Tories were conservatives, who disliked the war and ideas of Empire, while the Whigs were imperialists and more liberal. Both sides sought to influence Queen Anne (1665 –1714), who had immense political power and who could appoint ministers and prorogue Parliament .<ref>Coward, p 289</ref>. The movie captures very well the political passions of the time and how they led to a great deal of political in-fighting at court. However, the clothes worn by the actors in the movies have been criticized for not being historically accurate. In the 2018 movie, Sarah (Rachel Weisz) is shown dressed in masculine attire, including pants. This was not historically correct and if she had dressed like this, it would have caused a scandal and resulted in her being immediately dismissed from Court.
====How accurate are the characters in the movie====
====Further Reading====
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