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How Did the Vikings Convert to Christianity

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===Christianity in Iceland, Greenland, and Sweden===
[[File: Viking_cross_Lund,.jpg|300px|thumbnail|left|A Viking Age Crucifix from Lund, Sweden]]
Iceland was settled by explorers from Norway in the ninth century and although it was from that point forward part of Scandinavia, it was always unique in the northern lands. Iceland never had a king and its geographic distance meant that it was not introduced to Christianity until later. Once Iceland was introduced to the new religion, though, the people of the island quickly converted. The people of Iceland converted to Christianity in 1000, which was largely through the efforts of Olav Tryggvason. <ref> Rosedahl, p. 165</ref> The sagas offer an interesting anecdote that describes how Olav convinced one prominent Icelander to convert only after he promised him the material reward of his “friendship.”

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