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The Indian Mutiny was perhaps the greatest challenge to British rule during the Raj, and it shook their confidence in their ability to control the sub-continent. In the aftermath of the conflict that could have cost tens of thousands of lives, there were great changes to Britain changed the way that the British it administered India. The East India Company was dissolved, and direct rule was initiated, and this was by . Queen Victoria’s adoption of even adopted the title Empress of India.  The British overhauled the government of India and willing became more willing to collaborate with local elites. They also were very careful to appear not to be avoid imposing western norms and values on Indians. This policy While these policies may have been improvement, they did reconcile many not permanently quell Indians ' desire to the foreignerretake India from Britain. The Mutiny or the First War of Indian Independent as it is known in India Independence became a symbol that inspired many to seek national determination.
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