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Why was Julius Caesar assassinated

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Moreover, many senators who had conferred honorific titles and powers on the general were shocked when he used these largely symbolic powers to cement his position in Rome.<ref>Holland, p. 199</ref> The senators believed that the conqueror of Gaul was engaged in illegally gathering more personal power at the expense of the traditional elite and was subverting the constitution. The strained relationship between Caesar and the Senate was one factor that persuaded many that Caesar had to be assassinated.<ref>Plutarch xxi</ref>.
== Were Roman Senators motivated by vengence vengeance against Casesar? ==<div class="portal" style='float:right;width:35%"> ====Related Articles====*[[What made Julius Caesar a great general?]]*[[How did Julius Caesar rise to power?]]*[[How did Caesar's conquest of Gaul change both Rome and Gaul?]]*[[What were the consequences of Caesar's assassination?]]{{#dpl:category=Roman History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=5}}</div>
Caesar was an incredibly divisive figure in Rome. Still, most Romans genuinely loved him but despised he was by the City's elite. The senatorial class and their adherents were very suspicious and hated Caesar. He was a member of the popular party and related by marriage to Marius, the common people's darling. Moreover, many hated Caesar for personal reasons, and vengeance was almost certainly a factor in the Ides of March's assassination. <ref> Holland, p 201</ref>

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