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What was the role of the Praetorian Guard in Roman History

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[[File: Praetorian Guard One.jpg|300px250px|thumbthumbnail|left|Praetorian Guards from the 1st century AD]] 
The Praetorian Guard was critical in the politics and government of Imperial Rome for approximately 300 years. This military unit was unique and wielded power and influence in Rome. They were the guardians of the Emperors and sometimes their masters. This article will examine the role of the Guards in Roman history. It will demonstrate that they had the power to remove weak Emperors and became important power brokers in the Empire.
==Why was the Praetorian Guard created?==
[[File: Praetorian Guard Three.jpg|200px250px|thumbthumbnail|left|The Battle of the Milvian Bridge]] 
During the Roman Republic decline, the various generals who competed for power and influence often created their bodyguards. The name Praetorian- comes from the Latin for General’s tent. Julius Caesar was one of the first to use a unit of handpicked soldiers for his protection. His heir, Octavian (later Augustus), and his bitter rival Mark Anthony had personal bodyguards. When Augustus became the sole ruler of Rome and its Empire, he created three cohorts of guards that became known as the Praetorian Guard. One was stationed in Rome to protect the Emperor, his German bodyguard, and two were located throughout Italy to maintain order.
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