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Why was the French Foreign Legion Created

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====History of the French Foreign Legion====
[[File: Légion Étrangère 1852 (1).png|250px|thumbnail|left|A French Foreign Legionnaire c1850]]
King Louis Philippe created the French Foreign Legion in 1831 from the foreign regiments of the Kingdom of France. The first recruits came from a variety of countries, and it originally consisted of one regiment. The Royal Ordinance for the establishment of the new regiment stated that the regiment was to be composed only of foreigners and they should only serve outside of the Kingdom of France. This was only a temporary measure, but the French elite soon recognized the advantages of having a force of mercenaries in their army.<ref> Geraghty, Tony. March or Die: A New History of the French Foreign Legion (London, Putnam Press, 1987), p. 6</ref>

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